Danny Suko & Denny Crane

Danny Suko & Denny Crane


The two austrian deejays, Danny Suko and Denny Crane, supported by the phenomenal vocals of Tommy Clint, are presenting their first joint single “Kill it on the floor” to the EDM scene.

This power loaded Electro House Dance track with its catchy english vocals has also been further enhanced by the renowned remixers “Bodybangers”, “L.A.R.5″, “Gorden & Doyle” and “Alien Cut”. Thanks to “Empyre One” there is even a version for all the friends of the “Hands Up” genre out there.

There is nothing more to say, except that this track guarantees a massive escalation on the dance floor. With this in mind: “come on, we gon kill it on the floor!”


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