GAZ012 | Money-G – Schwerelos

GAZ012 | Money-G  – Schwerelos

Label: Global Airbeatz

Release date: 27.08.2010

Catalog number: GAZ012 Label code: 13408





>Money-G - Schwerelos (Original Mix)
>Money-G - Schwerelos (Money-GMix)
>Money-G - Schwerelos (Michael Bein Remix)
>Money-G - Schwerelos (Radio Dance Edit)
>Money-G - Schwerelos (Godlike Music Port Remix)
Money-G, Godlike Music Port
>Money-G - Schwerelos (Empyre One Remix)
Money-G, Empyre One

Official Video / Trailer:


Since several years Money-G belongs to the hottest DJs in Northern Germany and regularly shows his skills on international bookings and as resident DJ on one of the biggest and most successful events in the northeast of Germany („A24“). This brought him a nomination for the DJ Award in Denmark amongst others. Besides his activities as DJ, Money-G is also popular as producer and remixer and received much international reputation. His most successful project “The Hitmen” was one of the top sellers in the hands up scene during the last years. Hits like „Like I Love You“, „Energy Is You“ or „Side By Side“ went around the globe and remixes for acts like Cascada, DJ Manian, Silver, DJ Shog, DJ Klubbingman, Neo Cortex, Gollum vs Basslovers, R.I.O, Paffendorf or Lazard were dance floor fillers as well. After the breakup of „The Hitmen“ it’s on the time for Money G. to go his own ways now. Already with his first productions (Jasper Forks – River Flows In You) and remixes (DJ Gollum – Passenger und / DJ Gollum vs Basslovers United – Narcotic) he delivered a couple of new hits. His first own solo single „Schwerelos“ now appears on Global Airbeatz and insiders already remarked the track as a hit tip. This one will rock the international floors again for sure.