GAZ038 | Lars Palmas & DJ Serenity – Showtime

GAZ038 | Lars Palmas & DJ Serenity – Showtime

Label: Global Airbeatz

Release date: 24.05.2013

Catalog number: GAZ038 Label code: 20681





>Lars Palmas vs. DJ Serenity - Showtime (Original Mix)
DJ Gollum, DJ Serenity
>Lars Palmas vs. DJ Serenity - Showtime (Bacefook Remix)
DJ Gollum, DJ Serenity, Bacefook


Lars Palmas and DJ Serenity launch their new single "Showtime", which paired with distinctive electronic beats with catchy rap impresses parts. The two producers are well known in the industry. So Lars Palmas has additionally feat the project L.A.R. 5 feat Jai Matt, which is not to think with "All the Girls" in the current dance charts away. DJ Serenity is a member of the production team "Serenity & Spyer", which were last represented with their single Club Rockin Beatz in the dance charts, also Dj Serenity is well established for many years as a resident DJ. The new single "Showtime" is supported by "Bacefook," among others designated known by their single "Went to Poland" and the new, current single "So Getta".