GAZ023 | Empyre One – Mirrors

GAZ023 | Empyre One – Mirrors

Label: Global Airbeatz

Release date: 04.05.2012

Catalog number: GAZ023 Label code: 13408





>Empyre One - Mirrors (Club Mix)
Empyre One
>Empyre One - Mirrors (DeepInside Remix)
Empyre One, DJ Cap
>Empyre One - Mirrors (Money-G Remix)
Empyre One, Money-G
>Empyre One - Mirrors (Nick Austin Remix)
Empyre One, Nick Austin
>Empyre One - Mirrors (Justin Corza meets Greg Blast Remix)
Empyre One, Justin Corza meets Greg Blast
>Empyre One - Mirrors (DJ Serenity Remix)
Empyre One, DJ Serenity
>Empyre One - Mirrors (AlexKea! Remix)
Empyre One, Alex Kea!
>Empyre One - Mirrors (The Raptor Remix)
Empyre One, Jan van Bass-10

Official Video / Trailer:


Following his hits „Moonlight Shadow“, „Dangerous“, „Rebel Yell“ and „I Turn To You“ as well as several remixes, EMPYRE ONE impressively strikes back with his brand new single „Mirrors“! The track’s bootleg version already gains tremendous feedback since months and is once more a poof of Empyre One’s ability to create massive hit tracks with phat beats, catchy vocals and electrifying hook lines. Besides the powerful Club Mix we included a large remix package with mixes in different styles from Money-G, Justin Corza, Nick Austin, Jan van Bass-10 and many others. The single edit is already on the latest volume oft he Future Trance hit compilation. Watch out!